Vocal Resonance

How It Works & How To Project – A Course For Public Speaking & Singing

This course can be taught as a one-day intensive workshop, or it can be taught over 5 or 6 weekly sessions.

Learn the essentials of vocal projection from international singer and performer Katarzyna Sadej. Katarzyna, who has sung at Carnegie Hall, LA Opera, the Cartagena International Music Festival, the National Arts Centre Orchestra, among other renowned venues, teaches the fundamentals of posture, breath support, and resonance spaces required for proper vocal projection. This is an intensive group class for anyone interested in how the human voice works, how to best use it in a healthy and strong way, how to speak with your best tone, and… how to sing. Vocal study is not only beneficial for a beautiful-sounding voice – but it’s a study of bodily awareness, which improves posture, breathing and overall self-confidence.