TV, YouTube & Radio

Guest Speaker for “Sound in Sacred Spaces” series at the Levan Institute for the Humanities, USC, 2023

Presentation for Artivism: The Power of Art For Social Transformation, 2022

“Earth Singing” Presentation for Nature Links, 2022

Interview with Derick Fage on DAYTIME Ottawa, Canada, 2022

Interview with Alison Cohen’s “The Inspiration Show”, Canada, 2022

Interview with Zubin Grogg for “Nature Links”, Zoom, 2021

Interview with “Klub Kultury im. Heleny Modrzejewskiej”, Zoom, 2021 (In Polish)

Interview with “Klub Ciekawego Człowieka”, Canada, 2020 (In Polish)

Interview with Dylan Black on DAYTIME Ottawa, Canada, 2019

Interview with Ewa Staniszewska on Polski.FM Chicago, 2019 (In Polish)

Interview with Bogdan Gajewski, Ottawa, Canada, 2018

Polish Studio, Toronto, Canada, 2018 (In Polish)

Appearance with Dylan Black on DAYTIME Ottawa, Canada, 2018